Admission policy at Fashion Extras, Trends & Trade and TICA

Expressing your uniqueness

Our motivation is to offer you, as a professional, an extensive lifestyle offer so that you can express your uniqueness in your own way. That’s why you need only one client card to purchase at three different locations: TICA in Aalsmeer, and Trends & Trade and Fashion Extras in Venlo.

We carefully screen every request for a client card, so that only professionals making business-related purchases and who are linked to the lifestyle sector can use our purchasing platform. These can be professional resellers as well as end users from different sectors.

Challenges in a complex market

To run a profitable business, you need to stand out from the competition. So, it’s no surprise that businesses are increasingly looking for related products to mix with their own ranges or styling project. As a result, blurring market boundaries are becoming increasingly complex. To help you navigate this, we ensure our range is large and diverse enough for you to effortlessly complete your collection or interior design project.

What’s my neighbour doing at TICA or Trends & Trade?!

Given the increasing abstraction of the market, it can also be a challenge for us to screen client requests. That’s why we have a hygiene code and a sector code. This means that only companies with a business purpose are granted access, and purchases are monitored according to the purchasing objective and the nature of the business. By their very nature, purchases for a styling project are different from purchases for a gift collection or florist’s shop.

We understand that the consequences of blurring market boundaries present challenges for businesses. For example, how does the local gift shop distinguish itself from the range of gifts you can find at the petrol station? Or how should you organize your interior design project to ensure it’s profitable as a whole?

We’re here to help you find solutions! If you need advice for your business, please feel free to contact us.

Fees for client card to change in 2021

PLEASE NOTE: As part of our admission policy, the fees for our client card will change from 2021 onwards. As of the new year, an annual card is valid for one calendar year and costs €49.50 per company and will grant up to two authorized persons access to all three branches. If you’re renewing your card, we will contact you with more information in due course!

If you have any questions about the admission policy or the changes to the fees for our client card, please feel free to contact us at