The best tips and tricks from insiders!

We often get given great tips and ideas by our colleagues, and we love sharing them with you! This week, our colleague Shona tells us which products are closest to her retail-loving heart and what she would consider absolutely essential if she were to open her own dream shop.


What do you always pick up when you go shopping?

‘Decorative items always put a smile on my face. When I go to an interior decoration shop, I always buy something for the display tray that is on my dining table at home, full of cute candles and tea lights. I have at least three crates of candles for different seasons and occasions. My fiancé doesn’t get this “hobby” of mine and would like me to use up the candles. I don’t actually light my candles very often; I think it’s a shame to see them melt away.’


Which product at Trends & Trade would you consider absolutely essential if you were to have your own shop?

‘Given my great love of candles, I would open a shop with interior decoration products to create a cosy ambiance in the home. In particular, I would sell all kinds of articles to fill pretty trays with as decoration. I think my shop would be full to bursting. Where candles and lanterns are concerned, I don’t have a filter. If I like something, I have to have it, especially if I haven’t got anything exactly like it yet! I particularly love the candles by the Trends & Trade exhibitor Rustik Lys and the scented candles by Home Society – I would have to stock those in my shop.’


About Shona

Although she is only 28 years old, Shona has already been working at Trends & Trade for more than a third of her life (11 years!). She started in 2007, working at the checkouts, and after a few breaks for her studies and other activities she recently joined Trends & Trade again, now as a Content and Process Coordinator. Good to know: Shona is currently working on the new ordering process. The current procedure will be given a facelift and will be fully digitized. More news on this will follow soon!