New garden articles at Trends & Trade

Join our stylist Inez and take a look at a few of the garden and patio-related stands at Trends & Trade.


In addition to the many interior products available at Trends & Trade, we also offer plenty of inspiration for a colourful and bright start to spring and summer.


Our exhibitors have many garden articles available to create a charmingly decorated patio or a stunning balcony, and accessories to decorate your garden. This includes garden ornaments, plant pots in all shapes, sizes, and colours, fire baskets, and garden tools. Everything you might need to decorate your garden to the finest detail.

Join our stylist Inez and take a look at a few of the garden and patio-related stands at Trends & Trade.



In this vlog, Inez takes a peek at the following exhibitors:


Esschert Design

Esschert Design is one of the largest garden-related stands at Trends & Trade. The products are designed and produced by Esschert. The focus is on products with graphic designs, fire baskets, and other types of outdoor hearths, garden tools, and decorative materials for outside. This collection perfectly ties in with the theme Garden Delight. Visit the Esschert Design stand at E2.01 and E2.08. Click here for more information about Esschert Design.


Capi Europe BV

The pots by Capi Europe are an absolute must-have item when decorating your garden or patio. Their contemporary product line of indoor and outdoor pots transform any outdoor space into a picture perfect setting. In addition to their sleek design, the Capi Europe pots are known for their functionality, as they are frost resistant, light-weight, and shatterproof. Visit Capi Europe at G1.04. Click here for more information about Capi Europe BV.


Gerry’s Garden

Find something for each and every garden in the assortment of Gerry’s Garden. At the Gerry’s Garden stand you’ll find garden decoration with a ‘used’ look created by a rustic ‘rust’ effect. The decorative Buddha statues create a tranquil atmosphere in every garden. Visit Gerry’s Garden at F1.02 and F1.10. Click here for more information about Gerry’s Garden.



Visit Decostar for everything you need for your spring collection! In addition to an extensive assortment of interior decorations for the home, Decostar also has a wide range of garden and patio decorative products. The Decostar stand ties in perfectly with the trend of this season: Garden Delight. Visit the Decostar stand at E1.0. Click here for more information about Decostar.


Garden Girl

The Swedish brand Garden Girl specially designs products for women with green fingers. The assortment consists of comfortable, stylish, and functional gardening and lifestyle clothing, garden tools, and accessories for the female gardener. They also happen to make a perfect gift! Visit the Garden Girl stand at A1.07. Click here for more information about Garden Girl.


In short, Trends & Trade is the perfect place for you to complete your spring collection!