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Fashion Extras is the B2B buyingcenter in the field of fashion and lifestyle. Fashion Extras is a cash and carry of no less than 1.800 m2 full of lifestyle and fashion inspiration. At Fashion Extras, various wholesalers present their collection of lifestyle and fashion items to inspire and challenge you. In addition to an extensive collection of fashion items, Fashion Extras also offers everything in the field of gift and gift items. From packaging materials to gifts for women and men, Fashion Extras has it all!

Gift items for all ages

At Fashion Extras you will find an extensive range of gift items. From original gift packaging to delicious body lotions or the most beautifull jewelry. But gift sets with pampering items, such as cosmetics, bath products or creams, can also be found in large numbers at Fashion Extras. There are also nice gifts for kids, such as baby clothes and hair accessories, or let your creativity run free and put together the best giftsets yourself. In short, Fashion Extras is the place to be when you are looking for original, cool items to expand your gift range.

Wrap it up

Nice packaging material is indispensable when you think of gift items. Fashion Extras offers an extensive range of bags, bows, gift wrap, labels, etc. These are available in different shapes and sizes for both sale and to use in your own shop to offer your customers that extra bit of service.